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Ordinance 2010-1 Street Map

Ordinance 2010-2 Flood Ordinance

Ordinance 2011-1 Town Name Change


Ordinance 2016-1 Taylor Planning and Development

Ordinance 2016-2 Taylor Debris Burning


         Building Code Ordinances

    Ordinance 2016-3 Board of Appeals

    Ordinance 2016-4 General

    Ordinance 2016-5 Residential

    Ordinance 2016-6 Commercial

    Ordinance 2016-7 Plumbing

    Ordinance 2016-8 Fuel Gas

    Ordinance 2016-9 Mechanical

    Ordinance 2016-10 Electrical


Ordinance 2016-11 Town Marshal Duties

Ordinance 2016-12 Hours for Alcohol Service



   Resolution Honoring Betty Kisner's 32 Years of Service



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